Breakout Bundle Routine

Please read the entire routine!

1. OG Oil Cleanser
2. Rose Water Toner
3. Beauty Oil
Wash face with OG Oil Cleanser, gently wipe away excess dirt with towel or cotton pad, apply Rose Water Toner. Allow to soak into the skin before applying the Beauty Oil. Use 1/3-1/2 dropper of Beauty Oil and massage into skin.

1. OG Oil Cleanser
2. Rose Water Toner
3. Healing Spray
4. Rose Gold Moisturizer
Wash face with OG Oil Cleanser, gently wipe away excess dirt with towel or cotton pad, apply Rose Water Toner. Allow Toner to absorb into the skin before applying the Rose Gold Moisturizer. Use a quarter size or less of the Moisturizer and massage into the skin.

The AM and PM routine should be done daily.

If you prefer a heavier cream during the day feel free to switch up the routines and use the Moisturizer in the AM and Beauty Oil in the PM. The Beauty Oil can also be applied underneath the moisturizer for very dry skin or an extra layer or protection. The most important steps is the first two, use this as a guideline and see what you prefer best with your skin.

The facial scrub should be used 2-3x a week at most. When first using the scrub use it 2-3 days in a row. It will start to bring dirt out of the pores so you want to continue to scrub this away. After the first 3 days, only use the scrub 2-3x per week. On weeks where hormones may be a factor, you can use the scrub more frequently. Apply to damp skin in a circular motion. Use as the first step in your skincare routine and continue with the rest of the routine.

When incorporating the Healing Spray use after the Rose Water Toner and before Beauty Oil or Moisturizer. It can also be used in the AM for quick moisture when you don’t have time for a full skincare routine. This product can be used daily. To see all the many uses for the Healing Spray see the full description on the website.

The spot treatment is great when used at first sight of a breakout or IMMEDIATELY after picking/popping a breakout. When using this as part of your routine on an open breakout – use the OG Oil Cleanser, Rose Water Toner, Spot Treatment (directly on the affected area), Healing Spray then Beauty Oil or Moisturizer.

Use the detox mask once a week. Add equal parts distilled water or rose water with the detox mask mix and apply to the whole face or individual blemishes. Add more or less water until reached desired consistency. For a thicker mask add less liquid, for a thinner mask add more liquid. Leave on for 15-20 minutes prior to washing off. Wash off with the Black Gold Facial Scrub or OG Oil Cleanser and continue with the routine.

When your bundle arrives I recommend starting with the detox mask before anything. This will help to purge the skin and pull any underlying breakouts out to begin the healing process immediately!

*If you have the Ageless Serum, incorporate this into your routine by applying under the Beauty Oil or Moisturizer. To use all three at once, use the Ageless Serum around the eyes, Beauty Oil on the face and Moisturizer over it all. Allow the Beauty Oil and Ageless Serum to soak into the skin for five to ten minutes before layering the Moisturizer on top.*

Skincare products can take up to 30 days for your skin to adjust to. If you experience any breakouts during this time they should be smaller and more easily come to the surface. Your skin will go through seasons as it continues to adjust.

Breakouts are NOT just topical so they do not require solely a topical fix. It is important to work from the inside out as breakouts are heavily related to hormones and toxicity in the body. Make sure to always stay hydrated and pay close attention to your diet around the times of a breakout, food is a major contributing factor to how our hormones react to the environment. You may experience more breakouts during a certain period in your cycle be mindful of this.

Any other questions refer to the highlight on my Instagram labeled “breakout bundle” or send me a DM.

All of my products are 100% plant based, contain no fillers, additives or synthetics and scented only with essential oils.

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