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Cleansing Clay

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Formulated with Grains and Clays this product is gentle enough to be used daily. The blend of these mineral dense clays will help to exfoliate and remove dirt from deep in your pores. Using this cleansing clay daily will remove dead skin and help to regenerate new skin cells expediting the healing process of the skin. After just a few uses you should also notice smaller, less defined pores.

By removing dead skin cells and exfoliating every day is good for regenerating new cells promoting healing for skin with hyperpigmentation and aging skin. This allows the sebum to fully absorb the toner and moisturizing serums used on top. By increasing absorption, your skin will be more hydrated reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

This product is good for all skin types. Since it is gentle enough to be used daily it is good for even dry skin. If you have dry skin it will remove the dry skin allowing the following products to absorb better into the skin. This also goes for oily and combination skin. Since this exfoliating cleanser is gentle enough to be used every day, bacteria can not grow or survive. You will be scrubbing away dirt and dead skin cells DAILY! 

How To Use: Combined with OG Oil Cleanser, Oil to Milk Cleanser, Rose Water, or Healing Spray using 2-3 pumps/sprays and mix in hand. When clay reach desired consistency apply to face and scrub gently in circular motions. Use as the first step in your skincare routine when using. If you are mixing with the cleanser, cleanser does not need to be applied after, move directly onto the rose water toner. If mixing with rose water or healing spray, make sure to use cleanser after and continue with the routine.

What is the difference between the Black Gold Facial Scrub and the Cleansing Clay?
The Black Gold Facial Scrub is great for really stubborn breakouts and a deep exfoliation 2-3x a week. The Facial Scrub is too abrasive to be used daily but absolutely has a place in your weekly skincare routine. The Cleansing Grains can be used 1-2x daily as a gentle exfoliant to remove build up from the day.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Meal, Kaolin Clay, Sea Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Moroccan Clay.


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