Danielles Favorites Bundle

Danielles Favorites Bundle

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All of our affiliate Danielle's favorite products! Only available for a limited time. Keep this for yourself or gift it for the holidays. A word from Danielle -

"The holy grail oil is top notch and by far the best oil I have ever used on my hair and smells amazing. Used for growth and overall better appearance of your hair. Repairs from the inside out.

Then we have the OG oil cleanser which works for all skin types and leaves your skin soft like butter. I can’t even explain how good this cleanser really is.

Moving to oral care, I added the charcoal tooth polish to make your smile extra white! The tooth polish has been my favorite product for over 3 years. Never any crap ingredients or fillers.

I choose the eucalyptus and mint wood wick candle to leave your home smelling fresh and to help with opening up your airways. Eucalyptus and mint are great for the winter months. 

Last but not least, I wanted you guys to have the first aid/ sanitizer spray to kill bad bacteria without any harmful ingredients. This stuff is the real deal and I'm so excited for you to try some new products!"

Tooth Polish
OG Oil Cleanser
Eucalyptus & Mint Wood Wick Candle
Holy Grail Hair Oil - Citrus Squeeze
2oz First Aid Spray