Get The Most Out Of Your Wash

How you wash is truly just as important as what you wash with.

You could be making minor mistakes leading to major problems! See some of our favorite ways to improve your wash immediately.

1. Detangle Hair Prior To Washing
- Prior to washing it is important to do your best to remove knots and detangle your hair. Hair is at its weakest point when wet so to prevent breakage it is best to remove knots prior to wetting and washing hair.
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2. Shampoo and Scrub Entire Scalp
 - Apply shampoo to palms, lather then message into scalp. Get behind the ears, around every edge all the way back to the middle and from root to tip. This helps to remove dirt, bacteria and excess oils from top to bottom. Massaging product into your scalp with your fingers or a scalp massage tool can lead to a more impactful wash. Avoid roughly rubbing the hair that may cause damage. Softly massaging in a circular motion is the best technique.

3. Apply Second or Third Shampoo as Necessary
- The first wash is a good initial cleanse to break down dirt and oils, the second wash will leave your hair squeaky clean and ready to for conditioner. Just as your skin will benefit from a second cleanse, so does your scalp!

4. Apply Conditioner, Don't Skip This Step!
- After applying conditioner, clip up to the top of your head and let sit for 3-5 minutes. This is the perfect time to shave, wash your body and face. By allowing the conditioner to sit it will hydrate the hair and penetrate the follicles nourishing the scalp as well. Brush the conditioner through the hair. By brushing the conditioner through with a wooden comb (preferably) this will detangle knots and keep your hair healthier longer. Since you've likely removed most knots prior to washing this should be easy and gentle on hair not causing any damage but just ensuring product reaches all areas of the hair.
- Conditioning the hair is an important step in your hair washing routine. Although most people may feel like they do not need it or want to limit the products used on their hair, a good non toxic conditioner can be an asset to your routine. Conditioning helps to hydrate, soften and nourish hair. This all helps to prevent damage and breakage which can lead to hair loss.

5. Thoroughly Rinse All Product From Hair
- Throughly rinse all product from hair after each step (ie. first shampoo, second shampoo, conditioning). If you have a handle to take your shower head off, use it well! When you go to the hair salon they get close to the scalp and rinse every inch to ensure no product is left on the scalp, do the same for yourself at home! Product left on the scalp can weigh hair down, cause irritation to the scalp and create a need to wash hair more often.

6. Shower With Cool to Lukewarm Water
- Using water that is too hot not only can be irritating to the scalp but also causes damage and breakage to the hair. This can lead to dead and damaged ends. Cool water also tends to remove product easier from the hair! At the very least allow the final rinse of your hair to be the coolest water you can tolerate

7. Use An Oil Treatment Prior to Each Wash
- Oil treatments help to soften and hydrate the hair while stimulating hair growth. They can help with a dry, irritated scalp and provide external benefits to aid in reducing your bodies natural production of oils (which can sometimes be excessive - thanks scalp), reducing time between washes.
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8. Dry Your Hair
- Whether you air dry, towel dry or use hair tools make sure to use these methods properly. Avoid stressing your hair with rough motions or using high heat tools. When using drying tools like a hair dryer it is best to be about 12-15 inches from the hair and use cool air. This can help prevent damage, breakage and may even help to keep your hair healthy. Since your hair is at its weakest when wet, the quicker it is dried the less time it is vulnerable to damage.

9. Use a Heat Protectant
- A heat protectant helps to protect your hair from damage when you are using high heat tools. Even using cool or medium heat can still benefit from a heat protectant. Make sure your heat protectant is silicone free as silicone creates a barrier around your hair and can build up on the hair because they are water resistant. Shop our silicone free heat protectant here.

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