How To Repurpose Our Jars

One of our main goals at BH is to focus on sustainability. This is why all of our products are always in glass, ingredients are sustainably sourced and our packing materials are made of paper. Any plastic packing materials like bubble wrap are recycled and reused from my suppliers to you!

Since the creation of BH BOTANICALS I've wanted to figure out a way to reuse the mason jars and glass bottles. Many customers reached out wanting to ship their jars and bottles back in hopes to be reused. This was so exciting for me that everyone wanted to do their part in reducing waste! Unfortunately the logistics didn't make sense. It would cost too much for people to ship them back and would take a lot of work to make sure they are scrubbed clean of all oils and completely sanitized to be reused.

This is why I came up with the idea of repurposing and reusing them, donating them and last resort - recycle them!


Repurposing them can be so fun and can be a project for the whole family. There are so many ways to reuse mason jars. Below are some links to  Choose your favorite, be creative and have fun!

Click here to see how to repurpose mason jars.

Heres how you can clean and reuse our candle jars.

Heres my personal favorite candle repurpose as its super simple and useful.

Click here to see how to repurpose glass bottles.


A great way to find a place to donate your jars is Facebook or instagram! You can reach out to your friends and family and see if they have a use for your jars. Many people make a business out of repurposing jars and bottles, you could be helping another small business. Teachers may also have great use for mason jars and bottles. They could possibly use them for art projects for the kids or even classroom storage. Another great place to donate them is the thrift store. They may be able to resell them for super cheap helping a DIY-er or family in need replace some necessities. 


If all else fails, they can always be recycled. Most towns offer recycle with their trash pick ups. If your town does not, opt for donating them.

We would love to see how you repurpose, recycle or donate our jars and bottles. If you decide to do something crafty and creative please tag us. If you find a local place near you that is in need of jars or bottles please let us know so we can spread the word to others. And if you have any other suggestions of what you like to do to reduce waste with our containers we would love to hear that as well. You can comment on this post if you have any recommendations!

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