Welcome to BH BOTANICALS 30 day detox! We will be doing this program together, it is just for fun - we are all winners in this. This is a recommended guideline to follow, if you can not eat, afford or take certain recommendations don't worry about it! If you fall off track, do not beat yourself up just keep on going and don't let it get to you. This is a free program to help you jumpstart your health with real, whole foods, supplements, herbs, free medicine and amazing hygiene products formulated by yours truly.

There are no gimmicks, lose weight quick, meal replacement shakes or starvation diets here. This is all centered around what is found in nature and what is best for our bodies in its most pure and natural form. All supplements recommended are products I consume daily for well over a year and have had much personal success with.


• Drink a minimum of 64oz of DISTILLED water. Distilled water is best because it contains no synthetic minerals or additives. You can see this process on YouTube. The average gallon costs 89⍧. 

• Drink 32-64oz of Soursop Tea. I recommend Healing By Yeah herbs as they are all wild harvested from Africa and other countries where they grow and harvest at the best time for the most potent herbs.

• Walk for 30 minutes outside. Do this with your partner, friends, family or pets! Make it enjoyable and embrace the fresh air.

• Ground yourself outside every AM for 10 minutes and expose your eyes to the sun. This helps reset your circadian rhythm. Grounding is done by touching your bare feet to the ground and feeling the earths magnetic frequency helping to regulate and realign your spirit.

• Oil pull every AM for 20 minutes with coconut oil. Add 1 drop of my gum and tooth serum for an added boost. You can do this while you ground yourself outside! See how to do this in my gum and tooth serum description.

• Drink .5-1g of shilajit after oil pulling and completing your oral care routine. Drink it all within 10-20 minutes. Dilute in a cup of distilled water.

• Complete an AM & PM skincare routine. For a full product skincare routine, see my essential skin bundle or breakout bundle to get my amazing products at a bundled price.

• Take 1-2 tablespoons of seamoss. I recommend Healing By Yah seamoss or seamoss gel. You can purchase the ready made gel or the dry moss and make it yourself! Add it to smoothies, applesauce, baked goods or take it straight. There are endless ways to incorporate seamoss into your diet.

• Eat a plant based diet consisting of all organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic whole grains. Seeded non organic is better than organic seedless. Anything seedless is GMO! Avoid GMO at all costs. Fruit is GREAT for you, do not fear fruit sugar (glucose) and unprocessed carbohydrates.

• Do a thirty minute to one hour castor oil pack. For an added boost of detoxification through the liver and digestive system pair with my liver relief roll on. This will help with a stagnant liver and any stomach discomfort. See more information under my liver relief roll on product description. If a castor oil pack is not doable that day, make sure you are using the liver roll on. This will help ease the detoxification process.

• Cut out alcohol, added sugars, gluten & other processed foods, remove dairy and soy. I recommend a plant based diet but if that is not of interest to you I recommend at least removing these few items from your diet. Added sugars will be found on the ingredient list of the nutrition facts label. Fruit sugars are not to be feared.

For soursop, seamoss, shilajit and other beneficial health supplements see @healingbyyah hbycenter.com for the products I take daily and recommend over any other. Use discount code BHBOTANICALS for 10% off of your first order. It is a one time code so stock up. This code is for your benefit only, I do not financially benefit off of your use of this code. I give my percentage back to the owner as he is also a small business with incredible knowledge of healing. All of his products I have recommended will come with instructions on how to make, store and use them. As well as all of the incredible benefits.

This is all attainable! This is a routine I follow DAILY. It may seem like a lot at first but don't be overwhelmed. Make small changes and know your WHY. WHY are you doing this? Do you have stomach issues, autoimmune disease, cancer, brain fog, depression? Doing any and all of these daily will contribute greatly to your healing. Follow this to the best of your ability, health needs and desires.



This is not medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, cure or replace medical advice. I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner and you are not my client. All rights reserved UCC 1-308.

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