10 Ways To Mitigate EMF While Traveling

When traveling we are exposed to all kinds of stressors on the body. Whether this be in the car, train and especially taking a flight. During flight we are exposed to ionizing radiation, extreme altitude changes and mental and physical stressors of the airport, people, security, what to eat and how to manage all of this.

    First let's talk about radiation. Radiation is classified as being either non-ionizing or ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation is longer wavelength/lower frequency lower energy. While ionizing radiation is short wavelength/high frequency higher energy. Ionizing Radiation has sufficient energy to produce ions in matter at the molecular level which has sufficient energy to produce ions in matter at the molecular level. Significant damage can result from ionizing radiation to humans including damage to DNA and denaturation of proteins.

    Taking one flight is equivalent to one chest X-ray. Couple this with the security X-ray scanner and you can be exposed up to four times through a roundtrip. Mitigating these damaging effects is imperative to the health of our bodies especially if you fly frequently like me.

    In this blog I will give you many of my favorite ways to detox any damaged cells and biohack your body to have the least damage to the cells. Remember, throughout all of the tips and information - the most important thing is to never stress, overthink or overcomplicate anything. Physical stressors to the body can only be made worse by the mental stress we place on ourselves. See below for my personal recommendations and favorite products.

    1. Pray

    While we only have limited control over our environment, it is important to keep your faith strong and always know Gods protection is more powerful than anything we can do for ourselves. 

    "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."
    - Matthew 21:22 KJV

    2. Manage Your Time to Avoid X-Ray Scanner

    Prepare your body the day before and know that you are doing what you can for your body with the knowledge you have and the mechanisms you have access to. Give yourself ample time to do your rising routine, manage traffic, park and go through security.

    Allot an extra 30 minutes to avoid the X-ray scanner. You will need to wait for a TSA worker of your gender to pat you down and check your belongings. Avoiding the X-ray scanner is extremely important and its unfortunate I never see anyone else in the airport ever avoiding this. Think about it this way. An X-ray scanner each way before flight plus a round trip (two flights) totals four X-rays within just a few days of travel!

    How to deny: Turn to the TSA agent and say - "I would like to deny the X-Ray scanner." "I would like to opt out of the X-Ray scanner." "I would like to opt for a pat down." Denying the scanner is completely your right. Nothing is mandatory. They will not think anything of it nor will they be suspicious. Never ask "Can I?", always be confident in your statements.

    *Note - this is not necessary for metal detectors, they do not expose you to radiation. If your airport does not use X-Ray scanners or they are not being used, go through the metal detector.

    3. Stretch

    While traveling in any form we are often sitting for hours on end, sitting in weird, tight and uncomfortable positions. Stretching the day before, before your flight and after can prevent cramping and soreness by keeping the muscles flexible and strong. When muscles are flexible we less often experience any injuries associated with tense muscles. Stretching also allows liquid to move through the body, lubricating stiff joints.

    4. Drink Chlorophyll before, during and after flight

    Chlorophyll has a chemical structure very similar to hemoglobin, and because of these properties, it can carry oxygen around in the blood and increase your red blood cell count. This is extremely important when traveling. Chlorophyll has many other incredible benefits including binding to and detoxing heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful inorganic substances. With its extremely dark green color, chlorophyll packs a punch when it comes to vitamins and minerals aiding your body in properly handling mental and physical stressors.

    5. Take Coated Silver

    Coated silver is different than colloidal silver. Many silvers on the market are not true colloidal silver. My personal favorite, and the only one I swear by and will ever recommend (which Im sure many of you already know), is Healing By Yah True Coated Silver 20,000ppm. Unlike heavy metals, silver is a reflective metal and can prevent the effects of EMF. This silver does not bioaccumulate in the body like heavy metals and other colloidal silvers do. It is antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antimicrobial which is essential during travel when our immune system is at its weakest.

    Taking silver before during and after the flight is the best way to ensure you're fully protected. Please follow instructions on this silver and do not ever exceed 10 drops per day.

    6. Ozone Therapy

    Ozone therapy works by increasing oxygen levels in the blood. This treatment can be extremely beneficial when dealing with high stress travel like flying where oxygen is restricted and altitude changes are significant. By supplying high levels of oxygen to the blood cells are able to function more properly. This can improve cognitive function, positively stimulate the immune system and allow the body to recover quicker from stressful activity. 

    The most effective and beneficial way to receive ozone in my personal opinion is through IV. This process is done by removing a certain mL of blood from the body, mixing it with ozone and allowing it to re-enter the body intravenously.

    7. Infrared Sauna & Red Light Therapy

    One of my personal favorite ways to detox is through IR sauna and red light therapy. Separately these have many of their own benefits but when combined - they are even more powerful. They stimulate sweating helping to detox and remove harmful toxins from the body, kill harmful bacteria and pathogens and regulate serotonin and melatonin production in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that is often thrown off balance when traveling due to an increase of blue light, stress and odd travel times.

    8. Increase Fluids 

    Distilled Water, Shilajit and Coconut Water are all extremely beneficial when preparing for flight. Increasing your intake in fluids the during travel helps the body detox any negatively effected cells. Cells that can be damaged from EMF and radiation exposure are more easily removed from the body when the body is properly hydrated.

    By increasing mineralization with shilajit and coconut water our cells are able to do their job more efficiently and effectively. Using the proper shilajit is also important since not all shilajit is created equal. The shilajit I use and suggest is mineralized with gold which like silver is a reflective metal preventing harmful damage from radiation to our bodies.

    Soursop is an herb that has been proven to remove harmful and dead cells from the body. Radiation kills good cells, soursop can restructure, remove and regenerate oxidized cells.

    9. Stimulate The Lymphatic System

    This can be done many ways including (but not limited to) dry brushing, exercising, jumping on a trampoline, walking your dogs, epsom salt baths, IR sauna and laughing. The lymphatic system is one of our most important detoxification pathways. It stores our fat and when our bodies are stagnant the good and bad fats can build up and cause stress on our vital organs impairing our abilities to properly detox.

    10. Eat Fruits, Raw and Drink Fresh Juices

    Eating and drinking fresh fruit and juices while traveling can help alkalinize the body. When our cells are more alkaline than acidic we experience less inflammation in the body overall. This is another way to ensure quick recovery from travel, less bloating, more regular bowl movements and stimulating a healthy immune system. Eating and juicing fruits and veggies are the most natural way to mineralize the body. 


    My personal favorites and recommendations:
    Epsom Salts - bhbotanicals.com
    Silver, Shilajit & Soursop - hbycenter.com
    Infrared Sauna - therasage.com
    Ozone Therapy - contact your local wellness center for ozone treatments


    All information is purely educational and not medical advice. All rights reserved.

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